Quality Management:

KGS Group has established, implements and continually improves a quality management system as per ISO 9001:2008. The Quality System covers all the activities, including:

  • Treatment of drilling mud, industrial waste water and residues contaminated by hydrocarbons
  • Cleaning of tanks and bottom of pits and reservoirs contaminated by hydrocarbons
  • Rental of machines, equipment and workforce


KGS GROUP is committed to protect the health and safety of all the players involved in our operations, or living in the communities in which we work, or use our products.

No matter where we operate, we will conduct our services with responsible environmental practices, essential to the success of our business.

KGS Group QHSE Objectives:

  • A strong visible Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) policy is at the heart of KGS group business.
  • Management’s vision is a quality and service culture enabling us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations through the active involvement and empowering of all employees in QHSE. The culture is based on continuous improvement with environmental protection as a fundamental and integral part of the system.
  • KGS group believes that there is a continuous interaction between QHSE performance, operational efficiency, personal motivation, financial success & overall quality.
  • KGS group safety record is at the top level in the industry. We also providethe utmost care and consideration to the environmental protection in all our operations.